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Walk on airsoft Sundays. First and third Sunday of every month. 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Bio BBs required.

Welcome!  We are adding airsoft to help grow Kalispell Montana’s airsoft crowd!  If you guys want things voice it and we’ll see what we can make happen!


Self equipped players

Gives field access if bringing your own gear.


$5 for HPA refills.


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Basic rental

Includes m4, one mag, 3 mag refills, 1200 rounds total ($X per additional refill), full face mask and field fee.



Tactical Rental

Limited Quantity 

Includes three mags, bag of BB’s, full face mask, tactical vest with mag pouches, gloves, field fee.


BBs Valken Accelerate 0.30g BIO 5000ct White media 1

$2 per mag refill or two refills for $3

Consumable add-ons

Wire pull smoke grenade:  $10

Wire pull BB grenade:  $10

Must be used at the field or refunded per insurance. 

airosoft parties


$40 per person